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Memory Lane

Thanksgiving As A Carny

Have you ever wondered what the holidays are like when you work for a carnival? Thanksgiving 2001, I was a carnie. And although I was hundreds of miles away from my family, missing out on the traditions that I had grown to love, this will go down in history as one of my favorite Thanksgivings…

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Memories of the Carnival

Special thanks to Caitlin for sharing her story 🙂 Who doesn’t love a carnival? It is a great time to take your family out and enjoy the day. The kids get to eat all the cotton candy and candied apples they can hold and then exhaust themselves on the endless sea of rides. A carnival…

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My First Time

Brittany shares the story of her first trip to the carnival. At the age of 18 years she had never been before. Would it be all she expected?

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When Rides Go Wrong

Started: March 31, 2008 by: Michelle Hestand (About the author) For many people, one of the most thrilling things about carnivals is that feeling you get when you see yourself plunging down toward the ground below or feeling like you are coming within inches of running into another ride, treebranch, or building or being spun…

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