Who uses TexasCarnivals.com ?

The majority of our visitors fall into these categories:

  • People looking for when an event will be in their area
  • Organizations, looking for rentals and supplies for their events
  • Organizations, looking for someone to provide the midway for their event
  • Carnival employees & owners, keeping an eye on the industry
  • People looking for an exciting job in traveling entertainment
  • And people looking for tips to throw their own small-scale carnivals (daycares, birthday parties, etc...)

Vendor Advertising Opportunity

July 2017, TexasCarnivals.com is launching a new ad-slot for vendor sponsorship. Your ad will show in the upper-right hand corner of desktop computers, and right under the TexasCarnivals logo for mobile devices.

I am currently taking bids for monthly placement. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to submit our bid of $5 or more.

Get listed as a Featured Show!

I am also improving ad space for our Featured Shows! ALL Featured Show ads will show to the right articles on desktop computer, directly under articles for mobile devices.

AdSense banners will be removed as the "Featured Show" slots are filled.

Featured Show slots are only suggested for carnivals that perform in the Texas area. Contact me for advertising opportunities on my other carnival websites.

Sponsorship Terms

Vendor advertising is currently for 1 month. I do hope to eventually pick a permanent sponsor for this slot.

Featured Banner placement is for 1 year.** Please visit this page for historical traffic information.

ALL Banners must be G-rated not annoying in nature. No audio. Little or no animation, please.

Any sponsors proven to knowingly and willingly violate any safety, legal, or basic human decency rules will have their banner taken down at the discretion of TexasCarnivals.com and no refund will be given.

There is a limited number "Featured Show" banner slots available. These will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Partial year placements may be considered on a case-by-case basis.