There is nothing quite like a night at the county fair. The entertainment, the rides, the games, the cotton candy! And if you live in Texas, you have access to some of the greatest shows on Earth! This site is being built to help you find local events to have a great time with your family and to giving you a little more insite on the carny life.

Texas Carnivals needs help!

This site is dedicated to helping you find when and where to have a great time with your friends and family! But we can't do that without information. If you know about an even in Texas that is not listed on this site, or if you have more information about something I have listed - feel free to contact me or sign up and write your own article.

Please be sure to include name, date, location, and any history, pictures, or other interesting non-copyrighted information that you have.

Featured Articles

Adopt – A – Dragon Booth! I love this one!

Visiting the East Texas State Fair a couple of weeks ago, a new vendor caught my attention. Michael from New London Enterprises had set up an Adopt A Dragon booth! The nerd in me was thrilled to see what this guy has done with his farm of 3D printers. And adopting a dragon would be…

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North American Midway Yo-Yo Swing

North American Midway Entertainment, I am impressed!

I finally saw North American Midway at the 2023 Eat Texas State Fair! I assumed they were good, but I was truly impressed with the experience. I can hardly wait to see them again 🙂

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Hip Hop Amusements, How you have grown!

I am always eager to hear that Hip Hop Amusements is in my area. Their workers are wonderful and I love watching as they add new rides and games to their growing carnival! Today I was introduced to The Hustler, a nice new addition Hip Hop’s ride selection. It spins, but it looks gentler than…

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Evans United Shows, Inc

Tom & Nancy Evans P.O. Box 126 Plattsburg MO 64477 Phone: 816-539-2534 Fax: 816-539-3848 [email protected] Alternative Contact Information: Erin Evans’ Cell: 816-309-5968 Tom Evans’ Cell: 816-392-0759 It was a special treat for me to run into the folks at Evans United Shows carnival last weekend. They were providing entertainment for the 2015 Spring Carnival at…

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Thanksgiving As A Carny

Have you ever wondered what the holidays are like when you work for a carnival? Thanksgiving 2001, I was a carnie. And although I was hundreds of miles away from my family, missing out on the traditions that I had grown to love, this will go down in history as one of my favorite Thanksgivings…

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When Rides Go Wrong

Started: March 31, 2008 by: Michelle Hestand (About the author) For many people, one of the most thrilling things about carnivals is that feeling you get when you see yourself plunging down toward the ground below or feeling like you are coming within inches of running into another ride, treebranch, or building or being spun…

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