Adopt – A – Dragon Booth! I love this one!

Visiting the East Texas State Fair a couple of weeks ago, a new vendor caught my attention. Michael from New London Enterprises had set up an Adopt A Dragon booth!

The nerd in me was thrilled to see what this guy has done with his farm of 3D printers. And adopting a dragon would be a perfect surprise to let my daughter, who wasn’t up for a trip to the fair, know that we were thinking of her!

Flowers vs Gemstones

My two favorite designs were the gemstone dragons and the flower-themed dragons.

The gem stone dragons were bold and striking. But check out the detail on that sunflower dragon’s tail!

How can you choose?

And so many more cute critters!

Dragons weren’t all this booth had. I saw several other adorable baby animals, dinosaurs, and some more spooky-themed creations.

Even the prices were awesome!

Money goes fast when you are having an evening of fun at the fair. Especially with kids by your side. But the more the merrier, right?

I was happy that some of the 3D-printed creatures at this booth were under $10.

Tip: If your family is in need of a dragon, but your budget is tight, look for the small keychain critters.

Meet our dragons

We haven’t given them names yet. But these two dragons were eager to try some strawberry funnel cake before we left the fair.

Find New London Enterprises and Adopt Your Own Dragon!

As you can tell, I just thought this booth was really neat 🙂 Here are some links to help you find your own dragon:

Invite Adopt-A-Dragon to your event: New Landon Enterprises currently sets up at events in North East Texas, but they look forward to branching out to other states soon! Contact information can be found using the links above.

What’s your favorite booth?

This one has made me wonder what other unique booths are out there at the Texas Carnivals!

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