Triple T Amusements

Triple T Amusements 
Tony or Prissy Talley
P.O. Box 439
Maypearl, TX 76064
Phone: 469-628-0088
or 469-628-0114Email: [email protected]

In 2010, I wrote an article acknowledging Triple T Amusements for making our local fair a fun event. In 2012, I was glad to see that all rides were ready to go on opening night. I cannot remember the last time I actually saw a show with all rides ready at opening. The only thing we had to wait on was the funnel cake stand, which they were already warming up by the time our tummies started to rumble.

I like to think of myself as a secret agent when I go to the fair, snapping pictures and making mental notes for my review. On my way out I asked a man if I could post his picture online. Within minutes, Tony Talley himself was chasing me down in the parking lot. My cover was blown! *gulp*

My family and I were invited out for another night of fun and to talk about TTT Amusements being a sponsor of this website. Both went well 🙂 Now, back to my review of Triple T:


TTT Amusements brought a small surprise to our midway this year in the form of bumper cars. It has been years since our local fair had bumper cars! My daughter, who was experiencing them for the first time, had to drive 4 times that first night! She also finally worked up the nerve to ride the octopus.

The rest of the rides were in good condition. The tilt-a-whirl was having problems when I left Friday night, but it was full of happy faces when I went back Saturday.

The list of rides that I saw included:

Nemo and Spongebob Bounce Houses
Triple T Amusements

  • 2 small bounce houses
  • little kid Ferris wheel
  • Train
  • dinosaurs
  • Dragon Wagon
  • Carousel
  • Berry Go Round (By the way Talley, why aren’t there any dots on your berries?)
  • Swings
  • Bumper Cars
  • Tilt-A-Whirt
  • Spin Out
  • Star
  • And an Octopus

I hear they have a lot more, including some baby bumper cars that go to the state fair. I’ll have to go check those out some time.


Mike of Triple T Amusements poses with two naughty dolphins.

I saw a nice selection of games But you have to be careful! When things slowed down, Mike of the dart throwing game admitted that some of his prizes have … issues. Especially those adorable, pesky little dolphins! I met dolphins who bite, dolphins who got scared and had accidents on the rides, dolphins that simply weren’t housebroken, and even a dolphin who chases cars! A friend of mine lucked out and won a large frog who had been through the appropriate counseling to get over its issues.

The man at the horse race game wasn’t so open. I didn’t realize that my gecko had issues until I caught it trying to dive out my bag to eat ants!

All in all, I saw:

  • A duck pond
  • A dart throwing game
  • A horse-race game (think skee-ball)
  • Basketball
  • That game where you hit the thing with a mallet, trying to ring the bell
  • A game where you toss a ball into a hole
  • Beanbag throwing (at tin cans)
  • Cork shooting (at bottles)
  • Shoot out the star
  • And throwing balls at bottles


One yummy funnel cake stand, and a candy shop with the fluffy stuff.


There was one ticket booth that sold tickets and wristbands for the rides. We paid cash for our food and games.

Tucker Talley on darts while Mike takes a break.

Thank you Tony and Prissy for another weekend of fun! You have officially made it to my top-3 list of favorite carnivals to see coming to town. It was nice to meet your family and hear a bit of the Talley history. How amazing it must be actually growing up a part of the midway!


  1. Joe Posival on April 8, 2020 at 6:58 PM

    Mr. TONY, it was an experience working for you the short time I did. I hope you and all your workers are doing well. Since I left the carnival, I have had 2 more heart surgeries, but am doing well. Just wanted to say “hello and thank you”.

  2. Donna on June 18, 2018 at 3:35 PM

    Hello Tony It was a pleasure to working with your carnival and LOOKING FORWARD TO WORK WITH TRIPLE T AGAIN SOON. I worked o. The thirsday and even picked up trash o. Sunday when you all were taking down the rides but I was told not to pick up trash as the guys were saying g they got this for me to relax. I did not get paid for the Thursday and Sunday as I helped as much as I can. Can you let me know here is my email as follows [email protected] thank you and Godbless

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