Buffalo Stampede in Buffalo, Texas

The Buffalo Stampede is held the third weekend of September in Buffalo, Texas.

Midway for the 2011 Buffalo Stampede will be provided by Three Ring Service. … If anybody gets to attend this event, I would LOVE to hear how it goes!

2009’s Buffalo Stampede attractions included:

  • A parade
  • A dog show
  • Games
  • A bicycle stunt show
  • All-day train rides
  • … and more!


  1. Lindsey Tandy on July 4, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    The Schertz barbecue cook off on July 4th 2012. First off we were supposed to get our wrist bands for the rides at 10:00a.m then they told us no so we waited for another and went back and still no then we went back and they said they were just waiting for them well then we got them then come to find out we can’t use our wrist bands till 1:00 p.m. Then the next problem I have was that they 2 lady’s in the ticket booth the older one was smoking right in front of all the customers as we were waiting. Y’all lost a lot of business because of that. Then the next thing is that the older lady in the ticket booth was smoking with 3 children in the ticket booth ! One was a baby she looked maybe like 9 months old and the other one was 4 then there was a like 2 year old. There was no windows in the ticket booth nothing open besides the little hole ! Ohh and I can’t forget there was a guy that walked up and said move remember I was at the front of the line he says MOVE OUT OF MY WAY I said rude much and he said if y’all are waiting for tickets then go to the other one I said no we need wrist bands he said OHHH OHH WELL WELL YOUR JUST GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT ! I said that’s what we have been doing and he said WELL WHATEVER ! I am not very pleased with the situation !

  2. Gregory Lee Scales on February 5, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    I lived in South West Wisconsin before moving to Grand Saline Texas.Since the age of 16 ,I worked for several amusement companies, I worked for many different companies till I turned 52, i would like to work for some company here in North East Texas and learn about Texas asI travel with them over a summer season or two and learn about Texas people I might get to meet while enjoying serving them as a carnival worker .

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