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Carnival Shoot-Out
Carnival Shoot-out

Carnival Americana

Formerly known as Bill Hames Show, Inc

Carnival Americana
P.O. Box 1000
Fort Worth, Texas 76101
(817) 832-9832

Booking: booking@carnivalamericana.com
Information: info@carnivalamericana.com
Website: www.CarnivalAmericana.com

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1 comment to Carnival Americana

  • Oney Rio

    I am a biology teacher at Poolville High School– Our science club is planning our 3rd overseas trip foe students, teachers and parents– We are looking for some big fundraising activities- Is having a carnival come to our school a possibility? We thought if there is a significant cost to get you here mabe several school groups could split that cost- However; didn’t know how of if it was possible for us to make money as well as you all making money– Can you explain the process to me please?

    Thank you
    Oney A. Rio

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