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The Sky’s The Limit – Balloon Spectacular in Gainesville, Texas

“The Sky’s The Limit” is held in Gainesville, Texas . Come see all the big, beautiful hot air balloons! You can visit their official website at www.theskysthelimit.org or check out the comments at the bottom of this page to see if this year’s exact date has been published.

The 2012 The Sky’s The Limit Balloon Spectacular will be held from Friday, September 7 thru Sunday, September 9. The schedule of events is:

Friday, September 7. $5 Entrance Fee
5:00PM Gates Open
6:30PM Opening Ceremonies
7:00PM Balloon Glow
8:00PM Main Stage

Saturday, Sepetember 8. $10 Entrance Fee
Morning Session
  5:30AM Gates Open
7:00AM Mass Ascension
10:30AM Stage
Evening Session
12:00PM, 2:00PM, and 4:00PM Main Stage Act
6:30PM Champagne and Propane Ball
7:30PM Main Ascension / Glow
8:00PM and 9:00PM Main Stage

Sunday, September 9. $5 Entrance Fee
5:30AM Gates Open
7:00AM Farewell Mass Ascension
10:00AM Brunch / Closing Ceremony

* Kids 2 and under get in free on all days.

This balloon spectacular is sponsored by the North Texas Medical Center Foundation and benefits the North Texas Medical Center.

For more information, email info@theskysthelimit.org or call 940-612-8607.

They also have a facebook page: The Sky’s The Limit Balloon Spectacular

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8 comments to The Sky’s The Limit – Balloon Spectacular in Gainesville, Texas

  • Barbara

    My daughter just now came through Gainesville TX and saw a board on the. Balloon Spectacular being in September. I looked it up but it was in 2012. Are you having another one this year ? I have been in Balloon Crews for 13 years. My daughter has done them with me 3 times. If you are going to be there again this year, we are both able to volunteer.

  • cindy clark

    That is way cheap for the ride of a life time they r very expensive. I cant wait. Im taking my 4 kids and 4 grand children. Im just needing more info on times on ea day for passenger rides…any one know where to find out the details?

  • Is it $20 for one person to ride or can more get on?

  • Cheryl Carter

    My Kids would love this, but i sure can’t afford $10.00 for a 2yr, 3yr, 5 yrs & 9yr plus myself that is 50 dollars, maybe you should think of a lower price for kids. They would have loved to come

    • It does add up. I always cringe a little when the carnival comes to town – looking at the price to have a night of fun then looking in my wallet. But having been on both ends of the fun, I know it costs a lot to put an event together too. For something like balloons, maybe you can just find a parking lot near by and let the kids admire them from a distance?

  • Mike

    How many balloons do you anticipate at the event?

  • Jon

    Tethered Rides will be available, on-site,
    weather permitting for a $20 donation.

  • Cody Withers

    I was wondering if people would be able to ride the balloons as they ascend or if you can only watch. Thanks for your time.

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