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Alamo Attractions

Contact: Gary Denton

226 Willowbluff Dr.
San Antonio TX 78216 Phone: 210-414-5881

Cell: 210-490-8984
Fax: 210-490-7664

Website: www.alamoattractions.com
Email: sarmadenton@satx.rr.com

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3 comments to Alamo Attractions

  • Alex Fry

    I’m from the student council at Ennis High School and we are strongly considering having a carnival at our school next Fall, but we would like to know if it is possible based on costs. What should we expect to pay to host a traveling carnival?

  • David L. Minter (Riesel Lions Club)

    looking for a fair for the 3rd week in July, 2014 please contact me at 254-896-2883 after 6 pm or by e-mail. we are on 24 acres with excess to water. the fair has been going on since around 1947. century 21 was the last fair we had and he left us.

  • todd

    Beautiful show!!!!! I was at the Strawberry festival and Mr. Gary Denton sure knows his business! Beautifully laid out lot, clean rides and a great time for all. If you want to get involved with a class act this is it!

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